What makes Southbound Tequila premium? 

    • The choices made in the tequila making process led by our Master Distiller is what makes Southbound premium. Southbound starts with only fully mature harvested agaves hand selected from both the lowland and highland regions, a slow cooking method using brick oven and autoclave combo, Roller mill extraction, slow open air fermentation without fibers, distillation cuts are made close to the heart of the agave for the highest quality premium final product.

How is Southbound Tequila made special for cocktails?

    • Southbound Tequila is a mixture of agave plants from both the lowland and the highland regions. It has more of a lowlands profile with its balanced notes of pepper, spice, herbs, citrus and earthiness. It has a subtle hint of fruit from the highland region. This Southbound unique balance compliments the components commonly used in cocktails. 

What does the name Southbound mean?

    • The name represents our Co-founder and CEO’s journey Southbound from TN to Mexico to find an all occasion mindfully made premium tequila, perfect for cocktails and for stand alone sipping. The journey Southbound became all about a rediscovery of tequila. Southbound is an invitation to unwind and to rediscover all of the many ways to enjoy this incredible and mindfully made spirit. 

Who are the Co-founders of Southbound tequila:

    • Ivey Childers, Austin Sherman, Ryan Santi

What is Ivey’s story?

    • Ivey Childers is a spirited Entrepreneur and esteemed Recipe Developer. After fifteen years in pursuit of a unique profile for cocktail recipe development, Ivey journeyed Southbound to Jalisco, Mexico to find the tequila that was both the perfect mixer for her unique cocktails  and standalone sipper for drinking neat or on the rocks. With Southbound, you get the perfect tequila and the cocktail recipes she has developed for them.

Where is Southbound available?

    • You can purchase Southbound directly from our website using the Buy Now button. Southbound is also available in Tennessee and Florida in select retailers. Use the Find Us button on our website to find Southbound near you.
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